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Water - tittle

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Water is a molecule consisting of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, held by sharing its valance shell electrons in order to achieve a full shell. The intermolecular forces are therefore a strong covalent bonds between the atoms, forming a molecule with the empirical formula H2O. A water molecule has a non linear molecule shape and due to its 2 lone pairs of electrons and 2 bonded pairs of electrons that repel each other, has a bond angle of 104.5 degrease. Waters intramolecular forces consists of hydrogen bonds over and above its Van Der Waals forces. This means ware has a relatively high boiling point, it is found as a liquid over 0 degrees, a gas above 100 degrees and a solid below 0 degrees, it is the only substance occurring in all 3 forms naturally on earth. Water is chemically neutral, having a PH of 7. water also covers 71% of the earths surface and is vital for the existence of life. Water is essential in organising even though it provided no calories or organic nutrition.

water is a non symmetrical molecule and therefor contains permanent dipoles across the molecule. This is shown in figure 1, by the lower case delta, hydrogen is slightly positive and oxygen is slightly negative, due to the electronegative of oxygen which give it a high attraction for the electron density. this therefore means that water has hydrogen bonds over and above its Van Der Waals forces. These hydrogen bonds act between the electron deficient hydrogen atom and the electronegative oxygen atom on neighbouring molecules. The presents of these hydrogen bonds give water a number of anomalous properties that would not be expected, which are essential for life processes.

Due to the polarity, caused by the dipoles across the water molecule it means that it can act as a solvent, for polar or hydrophilic substances. it is able to this because waters electronegative oxygen atom will attract the positive part of the substance, such as the Na ion in NaCl, and the positive...


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