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Letter for Personal Grant

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May 15, 2013
British Public School District XYZ
1475 Central Avenue
Larger Town, State-oh 67876-4321
(000) 786-4325
ABC International
110 Main Street
XYZ, BMK State 00654

Commercial Donation for British Secondary and Higher School
British Public School District
Larger Town, State-oh

Respected Sir/Madam;
It is stated that the British Public School District is acknowledged as one of the top 10 local agencies and institutes offering top quality education in the area of South Green County, State-oh. The XYZ Elementary School is offering its quality and standard educational services to comprehensive k-12 education. The population of students taking services crossed 7000 that lived in the 500 square miles of the whole district. Along with the basic education services the school also provides special education services to almost 800 students. The school also takes responsibility to provide the facility of lunch and breakfast to the needy students and also provide recreational services and facilities to almost 800 students. Special education is as u knows a much tough and compelling task which requires much adaptive environment for those special students. The school is going well and is successful in its educational operations.
The students that are offered services at British Public School District belong to diverse socio-economic as well as racial and ethnic backgrounds. Almost 500 students belong to the group whose second language is English. Therefore to better cover and manage the needs of these diverse students the teachers are hired from different standards and other institutes as visiting faculty who perform work in groups with students and their parents to better cater their educational needs. The teachers employed as part time offered a suggestion for improvement of the situation. They think that if it is possible to provide English-As-A-Game Software it would be really helpful in learning of the English language along with other...


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