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Krishna Consciousness

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Vedic texts state that Lord Chaitanya is the
Supreme Person, Krishna, appearing as His own worshiper. He is
the combined form of
Krishna and Krishna's
most dear devotee, Srimati Radharani. He came to experience the
love She feels for Him,
and to show by
example how to fully
surrender to Krishna. He exhibited symptoms
of love of God to the
highest degree, and
emphasized chanting
the holy names of
Krishna as the best means to attain love of
God. References: Srimad- Bhagavatam
1.7.13-14 , purport—Lord
Krishna Chaitanya is
Krishna Himself in
the garb of a
devotee of Krishna,
and therefore the versions of both
Lord Krishna and Sri
Krishna Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu are
identical. Srimad- Bhagavatam 3.33.4 , purport—
Sometimes the
Supreme Personality
of Godhead Himself
wonders how much
transcendental pleasure is within
Himself, and in
order to taste His
own potency, He
sometimes takes
the position of tasting Himself. Lord
Chaitanya is Krishna
Himself, but He
appears as a
devotee to taste
the sweetness of the transcendental
mellow in Himself
which is tasted by
Srimati Radharani,
the greatest of all
devotees. Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi-
lila, Introduction —Lord Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu should
therefore not be
considered one of
us. He is Krishna
Himself, the supreme living
entity, and as such
He never comes
under the cloud of
maya. Krishna, His
expansions and even His higher
devotees never fall
into the clutches of
illusion. Lord
Chaitanya came to
earth simply to preach Krishna-
bhakti, love of
Krishna. In other
words, He is Lord
Krishna Himself
teaching the living entities the proper
way to approach
Krishna. He is like a
teacher who, seeing
a student doing
poorly, takes up a pencil and writes,
saying, “Do it like
this: A, B, C.” From
this one should not
foolishly think that
the teacher is learning his ABC’s.
Similarly, although
Lord Chaitanya
appears in the
guise of a devotee,...


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