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Power Corrupts but Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

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.................Define power................

So what is Power? Power is the ability to do something, whether it be by one's self or through others.
People with Power can do almost anything they want, but what makes power? Money creates Power, Influence creates Power,
Numbers Creates Power.
But I do not say that these things themselves are evil,
power is always judged and governed by the people who use them. Power can be used responsibly but it can also be dangerous
for those with wicked intentions.

.................Example of Hitler.............

Probably the most infamous story of Power corrupting people is the story of World War II and Hitler, as many may know the story
Hitler used his influence and power to control and create armies to do his bidding, these armies destroyed cities, killed
innocent people and eventually led to their downfall, but if we are to retrace where this war had started from, it would
lead to the man in charge, the man with the most "Power".

In this instance Power corrupted Hitler, the power that Hitler was so engrossed in eventually corrupted him and had turned
him into a low lived person who eventually killed himself. Hitler was obsessed with power, he thought he could control the
world with his power, he thought he could move mountains and have every single person bow down to him.

The People in Power not only do not have to fight their own fight, but instead call upon the lower leveled ones to do their bidding.
Wars are fought between powerful nations and their elites and leaders, but who actually did the fighting? who actually gave their lives in battle?
Who were the ones defending their country? Definitely not the leaders, in fact the power these leaders had were astonishing, especially with just a
simple call, they could start wars and end lives.
So really the question we should be asking is, What do we value more? Power? Or people's lives?

...............Why and how power...


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