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Money Should Not Be Something That People Desire Most

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Everyone desires to obtain or buy items to live in comfort. Money is something that people are dedicating themselves to their work to earn in order to live conveniently. However, money has bad effects because it gives short-term happiness, it influences relationship, and it causes mental stress.

Money has negative influence because it gives short-term happiness. Short-term happiness is lost easily because it is caused by the power of money. It also brings unfortunate and misery, when the happiness ends. However, heartfelt mind and thoughtful consideration make true happiness which makes people comfortable and blissful. Everyone needs to have long-term happiness which will never ends and also make others pleasant.

Money has bad effects because it influences relationships. Most people consider about money mostly even between relationship in this society. They are having no trust and having doubt each other, since this problem continues. Because of this pitiful fact, a lot of people are betrayed by others and the relationship is broken up. They should not have the consideration about the money especially between people in order to keep the intimate relationship.

Money has very dreadful effects because it causes mental stress. The majority of people are under the stress in this tough daily life. The major stress is about the money. People have anxiety, greed and obsession for protecting the money secure. If people care nothing but money, they will suffer from stress about money more seriously. Those mental stresses on money have an adverse effect.

Money has really harmful impact on happiness, relationships and mental stress. People ought to consider the relationships and truth rather than the money. The reason is because relationships and truth are more valuable than money.


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