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Women and Gender equality

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Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. A woman is entitled to live in dignity and in freedom from want and from fear. But, now the scenario is taking a turn.
As, one when wakes up
Then, starts a day with worshiping Goddesses at 8
and then, when one have a look on newspaper
there are breaking news like “A girl of 5 years old raped”
“another gang rape”  
  “ one more shame”   ….. etc etc ….
on reading these obviously one is strike to think – Is there any place where a girl is safe??

analyzing the things one has just one answer that is obvious “no”

There are number of types by which women has been exploited .on the hit list here is domestic violence also called as domestic abuse- a serious threat for many women. Domestic violence can take many forms including emotional, sexual and physical   abuse & threats of abuse.
  in our country it is mostly done by men over women .about 70% of women of india are victims of domestic violence. About at every minute a new case of violence is filed. Every 34 minutes a rape takes place. At our capital city Delhi 283 cases if rape are filed in police files and there are many cases which never being filed . in older timeswomen was regarded as devi but now the saying is proving wrong. Though today’s women is highly directed and alive to the sense of dignity but unfortunately this is not same all.she has been reduced to a thing –a mere OBJECT from a human being. Violence is a common kind happening to one or other house,

we have been quite hypocritical in showering praises on her .however in practise we have been very cruel, insensitive and inhuman to them. From past many ages women are bearing evil practices   of sati, child marriage and polygamy. Dowry and bride burning continue unabated .see, from how long this women is bearing violence . after getting the status of bahu even they are violating so badly that they lose their identity.

not only women, but girls are notsafe . we have recent...


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