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Why Brazil Should Join the G8

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The G8 is the Group of Eight (G8) is a forum for the governments of the world's eight wealthiest countries: 
 United Kingdom
 United States

The G8 (Group of Eight); it is an assembly of world leaders who meet annually to discuss   global issues. Brazil has developed quite a lot recently as; it has the eighth largest economy. Brazil is one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world.Compared to other applicant countries Brazil is surprisingly more developed. It has a higher life expectancy than both China and India and it also has a higher GDP per capita that both China and India. If China and India are allowed in the G8, why isn’t Brazil allowed? However both Brazil and China have people who live on or less than $1 per day which is a bad thing as it shows that large gap between the rich and the poor.
If Brazil was added into the G8, the G8 would gain become popular as Brazil is hosting both the 2016 Olympics and the world cup in 2014 which means that people all over the country would be watching this. Also, Brazil has a lot of resources for example; Brazil extracts 73% of oil from the ground which is used all over the world. Also if Brazil is a part of the G8 then it would become more developed which means that it could improve on the inequality in Brazil. Brazil can reduce inequality by building more schools so more children can get an education, so they can get a good job when they get older instead of just living like street children and sniffing glue which can be very addictive.The Brazilian Government could increase the salary for poor people working instead of giving engineers and doctors 10 times more money. In conclusion I think Brazil should be allowed entry to the G8 as it is a developing country and it could end the inequality problem they have there. It has high life expectancy, low birth rate and a high GDP per...


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