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Tattoos on the heart

English 101

The novel Tattoos on the heart is a novel told by father Gregory Boyle and about the people who he have help through his life. Boyle is the founder of Homeboy industries Los Angeles County’s largest gang intervention and reentry program. Father Boyle’s mission is to help the young people find jobs from the neighborhoods of Boyle Heights. Many of the young people who Boyle helps come from the Boyle Heights neighborhoods where is infested by gangs and violence. Certain individual’s friends and family are active gang members. Where in many cases the young people are brainwash and decide to become members of the gang. After hurting and suffering some individuals decide to change their gang lifestyle because the gang life isn’t taking them anywhere. Therefore several struggle to find support and jobs.
Gregory Boyle was a young pastor who decided to go to one of poorest church in the Boyle heights community in Los Angeles in 1986. His church was in the middle of two large public house projects. Just around these projects there was one African American and seven Latino active gangs. Therefore in the novel father Boyle talks about how we would help and support the community with its gang problem. It wouldn’t be the easiest job for someone to conquer. However Boyle would decide to take on this challenge to improve the community from drugs and gang violence.
Therefore Boyle knew the community problem all started with the young people who choose dangerous paths. Like many young folks who lived around drugs and gangs usually end up choosing those trails. Boyle understands that where all humans and that no one is perfect. However even though at times people make poor decisions in our lives; Boyle doesn’t believe in turning his back on anyone for people’s poor decisions. Boyle’s first plan to solve and help the community’s issue was to help the gang members feel wanted. For example Boyle said the church needed...


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