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Topic: even though globalization affects the world's economics in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.

Some people say that the world now is flat instead of spherical. This means the process of globalization is taking place, which gradually removes political and geographical barriers and connects nations and people all around the world all together. Above all other fields, economy is under the influence of globalization most. In addition to positive effects that globalization is bringing, it also has negative side we can't push aside.
To begin with, globalization brings in so many advantages that nobody can deny. Firstly, the strength of nations is brought into play via globalization. Every country in every part of the world has its own economic power. Consequently, globalization forces nations to focus more on their strong fields to compete effectively with each other. In particular, India is considered the most powerful Silicon Valley with the forces of leading information technology engineers in the world at present. Thanks to globalization, other nations can buy and apply the newest technology of India or hire the best human resources there. As a result, India gets profits of thousands billion dollars a year. Secondly, the activities of import and export between nations are much easier than ever before. For instance, after joining WTO, Vietnam has been carrying out opening policies such as reducing tariffs on import and export commodities, attracting investment or removing tax barriers. Thus, customers can use foreign high quality products even though they are in Vietnam. In a word, the world economy is gaining a lot of positive effects of globalizations. However, the process of globalization brings both pros and cons.
As mentioned above, when the position of nations' strength are called into play in the global market, a severe competitive market is simultaneously created. The improvement of each nation is different,...


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