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Saul Rivera 1/19/2011
Religion 11 Period 7

Similarities and Diffrences

- God exists
- Belief founded on revelation and philosophy
- Tries to convert atheists
- Divisions (Catholicism, Orthodox, Protestantism)
- Accused of causing wars, suffering, and every type of evil
- Hierarchically structured institution
- Afterlife
- Teaches morality
- Has models of charity (canonization)
- Has existed for 3000 years

- God dose not exist
- Disbelief founded on science and philosophy
- Tries to convert believers
- Divisons (moderates, militants, extremists, etc.)
- Accused of causing wars, suffering, and every type of evil
- No institution
- No afterlife
- Teaches morality
- Has models of charity (no canonization)
- Has existed since the beginning of civilization

My Opinion
I have come to conclude that no man knows what is really above us and under us. I do believe that there is a supreme being beyond us. But I also think he is in nature. That being beyond us needs humanity to realize that he is all around us not just in a house or in those who believe or have “ faith “. The system we live in drills into us that we are powerless, and weak. People have to realize that everything isn’t about what we have and what we don’t. Because the game we call life is about finding out who we are and were we came from. Not about finding out were we are headed. People have to shed there belief and shed all of there ways of life to start a new pattern of tradition. Money is never questioned, even tho it has no attachment to human morality and reasoning. The problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so sure of themselves and wiser people are full of doubts.


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