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In the next question we asked FMT female students about the amount of time they spend performing the activity. Of the 65 students who were questioned, 37% (24 out of 65) of respondents reported that they spend less than 20 minutes for their activities. Nearly the same proportion (38%) stated that 20 to 30 minutes is the amount of time for performing the activity. Others, accounted for 20%, stated that they spend from 30 to 60 minutes. Only 5% (3 out of 65) of those questioned spend more than 60 minutes.

Figure 6: The amount of time for performing the activity

It can be seen obviously after analyzing the data above that most of FMT female students (75%) spend less than 30 minutes for their exercise so what is the main reasons preventing them from spending more time?
To be more precise, to find out the biggest barrier to increasing or maintaining the level of exercises we asked the 7th question (in this question they can choose more than one option), this is highlighted by the fact that we got 27 participants claimed that they have not enough time to do, other 28 stated that they have no one to practice with while few of them (13 people) reported it is the lack of appropriate facility or equipment that prevents them from doing the exercise, 7 of them claimed that the main reason is physical incapacity, other 8 revealed that the main reason is their laziness, only one stated that her attitude is the biggest barrier and none of them blamed for the cost.

Figure 2: Barriers to increasing or maintaining the level of exercise
From the bar chart (Figure 2) above it can be seen clearly that “not enough time” and “no partner” are the two main reasons which result in not being able to increase or maintain the level of exercise of FMT female students.
After knowing the barriers we also want to know the main reasons for exercise with the 8th question. A normal but most important reason is keeping health was chosen by 39 students, followed by “release stress” (23...


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