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Anything Is Possible. Essay

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Sasha Fierce
Proffesor Lemk
English 450
12 December 2012
Anything Is Possible
      In this world if you are born rich people think you will stay rich and if you are born poor you will be poor forever. This book The Glass Castle proves us wrong. Jeannette Walls, to be exact is the woman who made some of us think differently. Some people cry over loosing their favorite thing, but if we compare our life to Jeannette Walls life we are seriously living in luxury. Her story is inspirational. She goes through poverty, rape, bullying, self reliance, but most of all she goes through child neglect. She overcomes all of these horrible things and becomes successful.
    Jeannette is the second child of four siblings. At the age of three she started her adulthood. Her mom is a selfish but artistic woman and her dad is loving and intelligent but has an alcohol problem. They move from time to time never really establishing a home. Eventually they settle somewhere they can call a home, which is in West Virginia. In that place the kids live in cardboard boxes and in the winter they almost freeze because of how cold it is. Her dad never has a stable job ,he finds random ones and does not last so long in them. He spends most of his money on alcohol leaving his family without food. Jeannette would get the food out of the trashcan at school because she would go days without eating. The siblings learn how to take care of themselves at an early age. As soon as they can afford a trip they left to New York and their parents followed still choosing to be homeless as their children became successful.
    The Walls Family loves each other in an odd way. The parents always tend to show their love in a peculiar way. Rex and Mary did not raise their children like parents normally do. They want their children to go through tough things then to learn from them. For example, when Rex is trying to show Jeannette how to swim. He just throws her in the water instead of holding her and...


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