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American and Germans Working in a Project Team

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Americans and Germans
Working in a Project Team
Michael m. Reynolds
Grantham University

This paper discusses organizational issues between American and Germans.   It will show how each member of the team has a different perceptions and how culture, leadership differs in each country.    

Americans and Germans
Working in a Project Team
Spending over two months attempting to climb to the peak of “The Savage Peak” in Pakistan, Greg Mortenson was honoring his sister who passed away on her twenty-third birthday.   Nearly reaching his goal, Greg decided to assist a fellow climber who had suddenly become extremely ill instead of traveling to the top.   However, during his decent he became separated from the rest of his party and stumbled into a small Pakistani village known as Korphe.   While there he received aide from the villagers who greeted him not as an infidel, but as a fellow human being.   On his road to recovery Greg returned the favor by using his medical supplies and nursing knowledge to help the sick villagers.
The village was poor and the children were taught by scraping lessons into the dirt, they could not afford a one dollar a day teacher’s salary.   After witnessing these events he decided to raise money for a school in the village to educate the children.   Total costs of the school would be around $12,000 so Greg returned home and started to raise the money.   Selling his car and climbing equipment, writing over 580 letters to celebrities, and with the help of a fund raiser from his mother’s elementary school, where she was a principal, it still was not enough money.   Finally an article in the American Himalayan Foundation’s newsletter caught the eye of a wealthy doctor who donated a $12,000 check to Greg’s cause.
After collecting all the funds for the school house Greg traveled back to the tiny village and started his project.   During the construction of the school many obstacles arose.   A 284 foot bridge was constructed to get the...


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