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I Am Glad It Didnt Happen to Me

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"I Am Glad It Didn't Happen To Me"
"Two cups of coffee, bagel with cream cheese, and a hot pretzel". It was really funny day while sitting with my friend after a long time in a coffee shop. However during our small talk she told me what happened to her at the airport and that was really embarrassing, I was laughing at her although it was a really awkward moment. The thing is that while she was at the airport she felt hungry so she went to get a bite to eat she brought some chocolates and biscuits. While she was eating she started reading a book, after sometime an old lady sat beside her. This woman was so swanky her hair style and her suit doesn’t show that she is old, however while she was reading the old lady started eating biscuits when she looked at her she was like "what is happening it's my biscuits" megan started getting on her nerves but she kept quite then she started eating with her the old woman didn’t bother and she kept on eating, my friend magen became angry and whenever the old lady picks one she picks two and then complete reading the story. "One piece is left how dare is she I think she will eat it", Megan said to herself but the woman gave it to her and smiled, magen felt niggled and smiled back. After an hour she went to the plane and took her seat happily slipping everything happened from her mind and listening to music as everything was a flash in the pan, during the trip she opened her bag to take some tissues suddenly and the big shock the pack of biscuits is there at that moment she felt embarrassed, magen recognized that, that pack was the lady's not hers, her cheeks became red and she started sweating as if she was under the burning sun in hot place. She didn’t know what to do and all the time she was thinking how the old lady was quite and was smiling to her and overall that she gave her the last piece.
After I heard this story from my friend I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me if I was in her place so I am really glad it didn’t...


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