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Public Space

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Student: Đỗ Thị Ngọc Trang
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What makes a public space appealing?

A public space is the place that many people come and visit every day. Therefore, managers of public space always find ways to improve and make it more attractive. The park is one of public spaces that appeals everyone because of 3 reasons. The first one is the park has beautiful decoration. The second is the park has many exciting games. The last one is the park is an ideal place to meet friends.
Firstly, background of the park looks like the colorful picture. At here, grass fields are grown and cut very carefully. Grass is grown into interesting shape such as heart, cycle, ellipse and so on. The whole park is covered by green color of grass. From the far, grass fields look like a huge green carpet. Moreover, the park is also place that many flowers bloom. Many different flowers with different colors are grown around the park. When flowers bloom, the park is filled in gentle scent. It is an ideal place for everyone to take photographs. Everyone comes here will feel that they seem to be lived in the nature world.
Secondly, the park has many exciting games. Many kind of different games are put around the park such as slides, swings, monkey bars, glider and so on. Everyone both children and adults can take part in playing. They can relax after hard-working days when they play these games. These games have strong attraction with children. Therefore, many children are taken here by their parents every week. For example, my young sister always asks my parents to take her to Kim Dong Park on the weekend. She and her friends are really attracted by interesting games here. They play slides, swings together, which makes them forget tiredness and stress.
Lastly, the park is the ideal place to meet friends. The park is quite peaceful and has large space, so it is suitable place for everyone to hold a small party to chat and share sorrow as...


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