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Johnny Bear

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Johnny Bear
Johnny Bear

1. How does Steinbeck portray the following characters? Fat Carl and Johnny Bear, choose 2 minor characters, and support what you feel. Include how Steinbeck is trying to make his audience feel.
As the main characters, both Fat Carl and Johnny bear were both portrayed with a strong impact. Johnny bear is portrayed as a big animal such as a bear in both his actions and movements. Despite this he is a professional in mimicking voices and re-enacting conversations to which he earns his favourite beverage, whiskey. He is as a mentally handicapped because he does not fit in well with their society. He is taken advantage of by the villagers for their own entertainment. Fat Carl is a Bartender at Buffalo Bar and sells whiskey to the bored and lonely people of the village. Fat Carl is present during most of Johnny bears outbreaks and tries to keep peace in his bar. Alex Hartnell is one of the stories minor characters. He defends and respects the honour of the Hawkins women and believes they are what the town needs. To him they are a symbol of goodness wholesomeness and morality. He believes in them so much to such an extent that he would not dare let anyone destroy the image of the Hawkins for his own peace of mind. Amy and Emalin Hawkins are portrayed as the aristocrats of the village. They are looked up to as moral pillars of the community. Amy is opposite to her sister Emalin. It is hard to agree on a single protagonist, whether the narrator or Amy and Emalin Hawkins. As for the narrator, we are put in his shoes and we are introduced to the history and Background of Loma. The narrator visits Buffalo bar regularly and is both sickened and curious by Johnny bear.
2. How does Steinbeck build tension/suspense into this story? What narrative elements does he use? (250 words)
Steinbeck Lets we know throughout the Story many things that build tension and suspense into the story. During the story, Alex Hartnell, a defender of the Hawkins women...


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