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Causes and Prevention of Foodborne Diseases

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Thousands of types of bacteria are naturally present in our environment but it must also be noted that not all bacteria cause disease in humans. For example, some bacteria are used beneficially in making cheese and yogurt. Bacteria that cause disease are called “pathogens.” When certain pathogens enter the food supply, they can cause food-borne illnesses. To this effect, this paper is an attempt to explain how people can be sensitized on the causes, management, prevention and effects of food borne diseases. The paper shall begin by giving the definition of the key term that has been used in the question and this is food-borne illness. It shall further elaborate the causes, management, prevention and the effects of food-borne diseases and how awareness raising can be achieved among the people.   And only after then shall a conclusion be stressed.
According to WHO (1996), foodborne illnesses are defined as diseases usually either infectious or toxic in nature and caused by agents that enter the body through the ingestion of food. Every person is at risk of foodborne illness. Many cases of food poisoning are actually caused by infectious organisms. There are actually around 250 disease causing organisms that can sicken people when they are consumed. Foodborne disease can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Some diseases are caused by toxins from disease-causing bacteria while others are caused by the human body’s reactions to the microbe itself. Other diseases are true poisonings, caused by harmful toxins or chemicals that have contaminated the food, such as poisonous mushrooms.
Food safety is branch of environmental health which is concerned with the package, storage and transportation of food products for the health and concerns of the public. It has become increasingly important and governments all over the world are intensifying their efforts to improve food safety. These efforts are in response to an increasing number of food borne...


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