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Importance of Money in Life

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importance of money in life
What did you learn about money as you were growing up? Something like "money does not grow on trees," or "Money the root of all evil", or maybe "all rich people are greedy"?
Well, how do you expect to be successful financially, if you believe these things? You attract into your life what you think about and what you believe. If you think there is not enough money in this world for everyone you will never have enough money. This is called the law of attraction.
First of all, believing that "money does not grow on trees" is an example of what is called the absence or deficiency of programming. Our parents taught us that there was not enough money to go around, and that it is not always available or abundant. But in fact, the universe is a lot, and there is a lot of money to go around for everyone. Just think what you could do if you have as much money as you want. What wonderful things you can do with it: travel to the countries you've always dreamed of buying a house, you are even afraid to think about it, attend meditation classes that you can grow spiritually, to donate money to your favorite charity, to spend more time with his family and the list goes on.
And what about thinking that "money is the root of all evil"? Can you really expect to be successful if you think that money is the root of all evil? If you do not want to be an evil person, your subconscious mind will not allow you to have money, if you think, deep down, that is the root of all evil.
Now that you understand that you can start to think that the money is really good. You can help people with money. You can stimulate the economy with money. Even the good spiritual man who says that they do not need the money, can do more to make the world a better place with money than without it.
In fact, many rich people got there, not being greedy. After giving attitude opens the flow of money that often brings them more. You will find the same thing ... happily give money to...


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