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Wheels by Arthur Hailey

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The analyzed extract is taken from the story "Wheels" by Arthur Hailey. The extract introduces to us the protagionist, Breff who came to the Art Center College of Design, his alma mater in order to find talented students for employment. In this extract the conversations with the students are of the most importance because they reveal different points of view on this problem.
The main theme of the extract is relationship between man and machine, air pollution, people’s dependence on cars. Through bringing up this topic the author wants to remind us about the importance of this problem - the mankind pushes itself forward, makes new discoveries but it never thinks about the consequences. So the author draws attention to the neverending pursuit of money. The forms of presentation are third person narration, description, inner monologue and dialogue. Structurally the extract consists of our parts which are exposition, development, climax and denouement. The mood changes throughout the story from neutral and cheerful to gloomy and pessimistic (for instance, an episode where Breff realizes the hoplessness of the situation and that there is no way the current state of things can change). Breff is described indirectly through his thoughts and recollections, viewed as as a smart and ambitious person. The students are described directly ("He too, was young and short, swarthy… appearing anything but intellectual."). The language of the extract is colloquial, though some formal words are used (arduously demanding). The style of the extract is informal. The author uses a number of metaphors (shape industry policy, the numbers that eat us up). There are also a number other stylistic devices such as epithets (unyielding demands, distinguished alumnus), transposition (city towered nearby) and periphrasis (rap sessions).


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