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Epilouge for Chernowitz Creative Writing Assignment

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I   felt   as   if   the   bundle   of   nerve   fibers   behind my   optic   nerve   were   about   to     explode   as   I   swerved   out   of   Anderson   Avenue   and   into   Centre   Street   in   my   rusty,   outdated   1986   cobalt-blue   Corvette.   The   tires   squealed   in   protest   as   I   slid across     the   bumpy   asphalt   like   an   intoxicated   driver.   Being   a   Secret   Service   agent   was   exhilarating   and   full   of   adventure,   but   I’d   love   nothing   more   than   to   kick back   and   relax   with Matty,   my   wife,   nestled   next   to   me   on   the   couch.   But my   wacky   motor   skills   were   the   very   least   of   my   worries.   “I have been meaning to talk   to you, Deputy Director Cherno.” alleged   my   employer,   president   Bill Clinton   on   that   faithful day.   “What about?” I   implored,   a   tinge   of   worry   blossoming   in   my   chest   as   I   plopped   down   into   an   adjacent   leather   chair. Clinton     fiddled   with   some   paperwork, shifted in his swivel chair, and spoke firmly.   “Bob…I have detected a significantly noticeable decline   in   your   performance   as   an   agent.   Needless   to   say,   it   worries   me,   Bob.   It   worries   me.   It   worries   me   that   I   cannot   sleep   well   at   night   knowing   that   America could   possibly   plunge   into   turmoil   due   to   recklessness   on   your   part.”   I was   utterly flabbergasted.   Me?   Reckless?   What a pompous statement!   “With   all   due   respect   sir   ,   I   am   absolutely   positively   not   reckless.   Not   to   burst   your   bubble,   but   I   happen   to   be   one   of   the   most   seasoned   practitioners   in   this   agency!”   I   quibbled,   undoubtedly   stretching   the   truth   a   little. Bill   simply     waved   a hand   dismissively   and   keyed   in   a   few   sequences   into   the   database   of   his   computer. “   As   much   as   it...


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