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Monologue: Dan’s Mum, Page 8
As I look at my miserable reflection in the mirror I see the wretched eyes of a dark gloomy person staring emotionlessly back at me. Although the mirror cannot portray how I feel on the inside, the expression of vacuity painted on my face reveals it all. How could Rob have done this to both Dan and I, especially at this devastating stage of Dan’s life? He has completely ruined our family and I cannot believe my pitiful life at the moment!
Since Rob walked out on us and what I had considered to be an extremely happy family, our lives have been in turmoil.   He has left us bankrupt, we have lost our home and most of our possessions and have close to no money at all. Dan’s education has been disrupted and into the bargain Rob has declared that he is gay. I considered Rob to be my best friend, therefore I was not expecting this. When I look back I have had some troublesome doubts about his sexuality over the years, but pushed them to the back of my mind and tried to ignore them.   I am sure Rob did not understand the effects all this would bring upon our family, and that he couldn’t just do as he pleased without there being consequences.
He destroyed everything for us, we have had to start all over with completely diverse lives. The thing that worries me the most is the way Dan is handling it all, as he is caught in the middle of this horrific predicament.   All I ever wanted for Dan was to live a happy successful life, have fun with his friends and most but not least have a loving family to support him through these difficult adolescent years. Dan is an incredibly intelligent young man who I am sure has immense potential, so I hope this little hiccup will not interrupt this opportunity for a thriving future.
Although this unusual shock occurred rather hastily Dan and I are lucky enough to be able to start again, but probably in a way that we would not have chosen.   The only fortunate thing in our lives at the moment is that my beloved 91...


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