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The thought, philosophy and the message of Gandhi are very much relevant to-day. We must say they alone constitute the only positive factor which can save the modem civilization which is heading for a disaster .We witness a sure and certain dilution of higher values of life in the scheme of our lives. Permanent values of service before self, sacrifice before hoarding and concern for others are fast dwindling and their place is being taken by selfishness, greed, opportunism, deceit, cunning and falsehood. Gross materialism is eating into the vitals of society and a certain agnostic attitude is in evidence almost everywhere. Even family ties are being broken; love is losing ground to hatred, distrust and suspicion. The present civilization is growing more and more mechanized and materialized and the old innocence- born of simplicity stands at bay.

All human values are being sacrificed at the. altar of Mammon. All this has given birth to conflicts and confrontations and has led to the erosion of the noble standards of tolerance and fellow-feeling. To complete this grim picture has come the unending race for armaments. Destructive weapons of war are waiting in the nuclear arsenals of the super- powers to be delivered one day on the innocent humanity. They menace the very existence of mankind. Efforts for bringing about disarmament have never succeeded; on the contrary, they have always led to further and more and more armament. The dropping of two atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the total devastation of these cities thereby should serve a constant reminder to everybody that a nuclear war whenever fought would bring about the extinction of mankind.

Gandhiji fought For Equality
No doubt mankind has been struggling since times of yore to find solutions to the problems humanity is faced with. But the remedies have been far worse than the disease. The fact is that we have been tinkering with the branches and ignoring the roots. In fact, we have allowed...


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