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Anatomy of Rape, Causes and Remedies

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Rape is the crime and these days it is going on increasing and becoming numerous these days, the rapist have no sense of age limit. In these generation there is no place which is safe for living being around as we come across day today news happening in this world. Rape is more about of power then about sexual attraction or desire for sexual gratification, it may be also definded as a process by which people feel that they do not have the rights to say no and have their rights respected, it is not only physically damaged it can be emotionally traumatic.
Rape culture: in which rape is prevalent and is maintained through fundamental attitudes and belifes about gender, sexuality and voilence. The mind of rape attackers what is it that makes them animals when they see a women alone?
Expert divided rapists based on four criteria:
1. Power assertive rapist: about 44% of rapes are committed by power assertive rapist, he is physically aggressive and will use the amount of force needed to control degrading or obscence language, slapping, punching but does not intend to all.
2. Anger retaliation rapist: this type hates women to the point that he will injure victims to the point where they require medical intervention or hospitalisation he often uses drugs or alcohol.
3. Oppurtunistic rapist: he lacks self confidence and interpersonal skill to develop relationship with women.
4. Sadistic rapist: he is typically charming and intelligent, the crime is premeditated methodically in his mind before, it is attempted most often they kill their victims.

The causes:
1. Most of crimes commited under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
2. Seminaked style of dress and non modest clothes are an indirect temptation to opposite sex for teasing, molestation and rape.
3. Lady who travels alone without accompanying close relatives.
The remidies:
1. Men should lower their gaze and guad their modestry.
2. Control the pornographies,...


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