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Assignment 3

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Assignment 3: Descriptive Epidemiology Case Study

Managerial Epidemiology
May 19, 2013

There is a serious impending epidemic of diabetes that is affecting the world, especially the United States. This paper will compare the incidences of diabetes within each region of the U.S. for the past year, as well as identify which state has the highest burden of the disease.   There will also be an analyzation and explanation of modifiable and stable characteristics in which morbidity and mortality rates can be observed. Included will be biological and genetic factors. A suggestion of how the incidence and prevalence may vary across the dimension of time, both short and long term will be included as well. Risk factors and causes associated with diabetes, means or methods of transmission based on short term and long term trends are characterized.   An explanation of how diabetes mortality has changed in the past 50 years, and diabetes patterns across the U.S. and within specific years will be formulated.
Keywords: Diabetes, Lifestyle, United States, incidence, prevalence, modifiable, Risk factors

Compare the incidences of diabetes within each region of the U.S. for the past year and identify which state has the highest burden of this disease.
The incidence of diabetes has risen across the United States as a whole. The region characterized by the highest incidence is the South with 9.8% of the citizens living with the diseases. The Midwest comes in next with a figure of 7.5%, followed by the Northeast and the West, both with a respective 7.3%. The Northwest region is plagued by 8.6%.   The total cost of diabetes that have been diagnosed in the United States is a whopping total of 245 billion dollars, 176 of that billion is due to medical costs, and the other 69 billion is characterized by decreased productivity( Barber, 2012).
The Southern region has the leading new case of diabetes being reported over all. West Virginia has been determined to have the...


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