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Title: The Whole Cash in Yards

  Women have been fighting for equality with men for long time, and till now they haven’t got what they deserve. Men have been dominating the field causing to weaken women’s position. Women have showed the presence in some field but not to the extent to compete with men. Although women athletes have their own tournament separated from men they still didn’t reach the extent to be supported like men. Unfortunately sponsors who support men sport think women are not worthy to their support. Women have been treated with injustice financially and popularity.

Even though women have their own tournaments, but they still haven’t reach the level to be equally supported as men financially and in popularity.


  Even though women and men have their common tournament, still men are superior to women in all fields. (Rosas,F. Herriges,J.A and Orasm,P,F.2011) Recent studies have shown that in basketball that 2% of men and 12% of women are willing to watch female games. Moreover little amount of people male and female are willing to watch females game for free, while there is no one doesn’t want to pay to watch men’s sports. Female haven’t reach the position to compete with men physically, financially and in popularity.
  Women critics claims that it is simple biology that women are inferior to men physically .They have more fat than men and they can’t grow muscles which is needed for sports. Most male champions don’t have the body of body builders, so what prevent women to be champions. Moreover people think that women’s basketball is not interesting as men since they lack the ability and strength to be aggressive or to dunk the rim. There is an example that shows why women can compete with men, women are now training in the military armed forces and is get highly difficult training that many men have failed to pass. How it is possible that women can stand and defend a post and can’t compete with men in a game....


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