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I Believe in Staying Healthly

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Jordan Blackwell


Mr. Andrews

                                      I Believe In Staying Healthy

There are many reasons why I believe in staying healthy. One of the main reasons was that I know how it feels to be unhealthy. As a child I had many sicknesses and was diagnose with many stuff weather it was eczema, ADD, ADHD and asthma. Having these things growing up as a kid make it hard to play sports stay focused in school and be self-conscious about my own body. Eczema is having feeling that you have to itch or like you will just go crazy. It’s like having poison ivy everyday you scratch until you take your medication. Also for me I have a lot of food allergies so if I ever ate the foods I was allergic to it would make me scratch even more. I was allergic to a wide range of foods. For example peanuts, eggs, seafood and tomatoes. And the worst out of it was bee stings. One time I got stung by a bee and my leg swelled up and I was scratching for days. It made me want to kill every bee I saw from that point on. To avoid scratching at night I had to put socks on my hand to avoiding tearing my skin. But it was not that bad since my family could afford the non-scratch grease and the asthma pumps so I was well taken care of. Also another big part of me being taken care of was my family was very religious and it had a great impact on me. So every time like a part of my body would heal my mom and dad would say praise God. But I also believe that God expects us to do our best in being healthy. so that’s why I take weight training at school block four on A days, also I go to the YMCA every Saturday in Hartford to exercise. My dad says I work myself to hard. But I know that as you grow older your metabolism slows down and that gives you more of a risk for high blood pressure or obesity. That’s why I bug my mom and dad to not eat so much of fating foods like cakes pies etc. I don’t get tempted by that food anyway since most of it has eggs in it and I’m...


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