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The Influence of Technology

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Danniesha Patterson
April.24, 2013
Mrs. Sloan
The Influence of Technology Creates
Technology in many ways improves the way of life we live today. With technology our communication gets much easier. In the past people sent letters to other people to communicate. These days we have found less time consuming by sending e-mails or the uses of phones. Also transportation has been improving each year. For example, back in the old days we used horses and donkeys for our transportation. With the advancement to transportation has now lead us to having our more proficient vehicles and trains. Things like medicine has improve our lives because of technology. Computer technology in the medical field is becoming increasingly common. Thing that the medical field has been influence my technology is electronic medical records, e-mail communication, and hand-held devices. Entertainment has been influence by technology in many ways. It used to take four men to operate a camera.   Now, with high quality and portable camera people can make videos and take pictures using one man. The changes in technology have made it low-priced enough to create novels into remarkable movie empires like Twilight. Technology has become the great advertising for the entertainment industry.   Technology has creative tools that are more convenient to reach entertainment industry. We’re getting into the business was once way too expensive for average person. That means anybody can be the next Kerry Washington or Beyoncé given the right talent and knowing the right people. Today I can honestly say technology has improve our lives in a positive way.


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