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I am in the cafe, looking out through the windowsill. Everything seems to be similar to those days where I had been sat here with her - unless, she is not here. My peppermint tea started to cooled by time. The sky was full of cotton-wool clouds. It was the part she like the most among her saddest days, to have a sit with me in this cafe, drank some hot peppermint tea that warmed her after enduring situations that freeze her into an ice cube although in this hot September's summer.

She was a fine girl with a heart-shape face, ruddy. She has a very nice almost-shaped eyes with a dark green lens Her hair tamed and lustrous. In my eyes, she was a beauty that born as a Cinderella. Her life was a succession of heartbreaks. I had used to be the one who sits beside her, lending her a shoulder when she needed just so much. Before I go to a longer description about her, I would like you to know her name - Oh Young.

It was September and of course, summer. Her father was home from Birmingham. He was a teacher that worked in Birmingham while Oh Young and her mother was left in Buffalo, New York. People will thought that persons who has a life in this big city, would be the most pleasure, completely has a misconception. When the summer came and the school was off for a month, Oh Young's father will returned to visit Oh Young and her mother - the moment when Young hate the most!

Young wished she never had a father or at least, her father had died or something so she never need to suffer as much as when he was around. Young's father was a hot-tempered man. He never curve a smile to anyone yet he still loves Young. He cares for Young with his life but Young's mother will be thrashed if she had done something that was irritating him - something that Young never did me could ever understand. No one knew what was his problem. How could he loves his daughter without loving the woman who had gave a life to the daughter?

I still remember the night when Young tapped on my...


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