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Types of Writing

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Persuasive Writing: Making you want to do or believe a particular thing. (Posters, Letters)
Informative Writing: Providing a lot of useful information. (Leaflets)
Descriptive Writing: Describing something, especially in detailed, interesting ways. (Stories)
Instructional Writing: Relating to someone or something that gives advice and information about how to do or use something. (Instructions)

This is the difference between poor and exceptional writing. Ten minutes spent planning can make all the difference.
E.g. Mind maps.
Assignment writing:
Out notes and guidance gives us a basic framework only. On their own they are not useful, we will be required to do extra reading and get extra references and gather research for our assignments.
When taking notes ‘translate’ what the tutor/author is saying in our own words. This helps our knowledge and understanding as well as keeping our work our own rather than risking copying other work as this is PLAGERISM. Think about things from our point of view too saying whether we agree or not.
Write a letter about a cancellation of a train...
Try to stick to the introduction/discussion/conclusion format in the assignment. Set the overall argument and context. Cover relevant factors and tie the discussion by summarizing what has been said (CONCLUSION) which can include our opinion based on our sources.

Virgin Rail Co.
Bill St.
Wednesday 24th March

Dear Sir or Madam,

On Tuesday 23rd March 2013, I was appalled at the standard of the Virgin Rail train service. The train at 10:25am from Hitchin Station to London Kings Cross was not only delayed it was cancelled. I have no driving license so I am completely dependent on your train service.  
I was disgusted at the additional fee’s I had to pay to reserve another seat on the train; I have to sit as I am heavily pregnant and cannot stand for the whole journey. Not only was there a reservation charge but there...


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