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Legalization of Marijuana. Essay

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Mackenzie Dennis
McLean 4th
Legalize Marijuana

There are 18.1 million people in the United States ages twelve and up that use recreational marijuana. 426000 people are in state and federal prisons for reasons involving marijuana, bringing in a $6.3 billion cost for the government. Before 1906 marijuana was an unregulated plant that was used as a cash crop and even used to pay taxes in the United States. In the year 1906, some states began regulating the crop. It was eventually banned in 1937 throughout the country. To this day marijuana is still illegal although it is much healthier and safer than alcohol, therefore marijuana should be legal.
It has been said that marijuana has negative health effects. Marijuana can cause cardiac and repertory problems, such as higher heart rate and troubles breathing. It can also cause long-term memory loss. On the other hand, marijuana has positive health effects. Marijuana has been used with cancer patients to slow down the mutation of cancer cells in the body. It is also given to HIV, AIDs, and cancer patients to help with nausea and weight loss during chemotherapy. Another positive effect of marijuana is that is helps people with migraines.
Marijuana also has social effects. It can cause feelings such as paranoia. Marijuana can also make the user feel unmotivated and lazy. Although there are negative social effects, there are also positive social effects. Marijuana can help people with depression. Along with helping depression it can also help people with anxiety. Marijuana may also, in some cases, enhance creativity among the user.
Marijuana has less health risks and is much safer than alcohol and tobacco although they are legal, and marijuana is not. Marijuana users cause much less violent crimes than alcohol consumers. Marijuana can be used to help with a lot of government money problems. Marijuana could be used as a new fuel that could be a replacement for fossil fuel that could never run out....


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