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Being Happy with a Job Is More Important Than Having a High Salary from It.

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When people look for jobs, some difficult choice happen to them. To choose a job that people like to do or to choose the one that has a high salary from it. For me, frankly speaking, I prefer to choose the job that can offer me happiness. For I agree the statement taht being happy with a job is more important than having a high salary from it. Here are my reasons.
    One reason I agree is because happiness is one of the most important feeling of a healthy person. When people feeling happy, they will be positive and enthusiastic to life, and the health of them must be good. Without happiness, people can't well do the job even if they can get high salary from it, and also they can't be successful in life.
    Another reason that I believe being happy with a job is more important than having a high salary from it is because the meaning of having a job is to support people to live happily in the world. If people do the job that they don't like at all although its salary is very high, the terrible mood can't help them happily survive. And the meaning of having a job subsequently disappear for those who choose the jobs without happiness but for high salary.
    What's more, choosing the job of a high salary only let peole live just for money, which makes people become vulgar. They gradually do eveything for money, and ignore one of the real meaning of life, happiness.
With the combination of my reasons, I think I agree with the statement above. Being happy is more important than everything in the world.


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