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Pe Physcology on Volley Ball Using Smart

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A team’s cohesion relies on task and social cohesion. The more people the better the social cohesion and the less people, the more the team cohesion (Frank Schnider, 2005). A new team also goes through the stages of forming, storming, norming, and performing   (Alemenn, 2004). The following essay will analyse a particular team of five who for a few weeks having been playing volley ball in a competitive nature. First we will analyse their cohesion and then recommend some changes to improve their overall cohesion.

The team is very social and the girls get on well, however when it comes to playing they lack task cohesion. Each player has a different skill level. This also makes it hard for the girls play cohesively and as a professional team building manager once said “A champion team is always better than a team of champions” (Oliver, 2012).   The results are reflective on this statement as the team has lost almost every game but the team at the top of the leader board (Scott, 2013) is made up of a team of girls who have never played volley ball before. Looking back at some journal entries of a girl, in week one they talked a lot about the team, the individual player’s strengths and weaknesses however as the weeks moved on and the team entered the storming stage the girl quoted “I’m so over this team losing and yelling”. Overall the team is social but lacks the knowledge of good task cohesion; they are still in the storming stages and have trouble working together as a team as the team is made of experts and beginners which make for an unbalanced team.

The girls need to develop their task cohesion which is their ability to work as a whole to achieve a common goal (Hall, 2007). to develop there task cohesion they must set new S.M.A.R.T goals (Top Achievement, 2011). Specifically to win each game as a team and hitting the ball two to three times before returning it back. Measure their progress by each week counting how many times they do hit the ball more than once...


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