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I Just Wanted to Beable to Ragister

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“Beep Beep! *Low Battery*(cell phone) - Well apparently you have enough battery (power) to remind me every 2 minutes.” This is one of those frustrating everyday thought, which explains 99% of world problems, like most of us have been through this massage at least once, and we all know how annoying it is, but then this is only a gist of a problem- I mean this everyday issue explains how important the “little device” (battery) is to us humans, it’s almost like we are depended on it- don’t believe me? Well let me prove it- Imagine. Imagine an hour without battery- it’s Friday morning, you get up and realize that you are late (no alarm), get ready and suddenly the power shuts off- You decide to call the company (no cell), and landline doesn’t work- sucks ehh. You ignore that, and try to check the weather- but wait power shut off has shut down your desktop (no laptops), now you are officially frustrated- and think “can my day get any worse?” (Challenge accepted). Still ignoring all the “pain” (anger) you finally get ready and check for your bike (that’s right, No Cars)…You find your bike and are on your way to the office when suddenly…. ( sorry, the hour is over!) Yea you now realize how this little device has a huge impact on our everyday lives, and for that we should be thankful to Alessandro Volta.
Alessandro Volta- who was he- what did he do? Well, he was the “inventor” of the 1st ever working battery- the voltaic pile, now to understand how he created this device, we must understand how it works- batteries:


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