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What Are Goals for Next Five Years?

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Goal defines real life actions. It serves as a guide in making decisions. It also forces you to set priorities and give you a “track to run on”- a path to follow, so you know where you are going.

      First of all, my goal is to get my GED. By earning my GED diploma, I will be able to get better job which can help me save money for college. After I enroll in college, I will work my way towards the Air Force. Joining the Air Force requires a GED and some college credits. By taking a few classes in college, I will have some credits which will help me join the Air Force.

      Air Force jobs considered as highly respectable and good paying job; joining the Air Force will give me an opportunity to make more money which I will need for continue my education and work for getting a bachelor degree. With the help of bachelor degree I will be able to apply for an Air Force pilot job which I have been dreaming for a long time.

      Air Force pilots don’t need to work everyday. Once I get the pilot job, I will get more time and space for thinking about something else that I actually want to do for myself. Buying foods, paying for apartment are not enough for a family. I will be able to purchase a house or property for my family and my children.

      All these things are not easy to achieve, but not too difficult either. One can easily accomplish their goals by planning ahead and it also requires a lot of extra efforts and patience.


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