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Preventing Electoral Violence

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Able-bodied men
Conflict can be defined as a disagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interest or concerns. National conflict mostly sentence around politics, religious worship, and ethnic groups. National conflict most at times is very difficult and costly to dissolve. So therefore it would be very appropriate to prevent them. There is saying that “prevention is better than cure”. It is better to fight conflict with all that a country has from occurring than to allow it to rise to destroy all that she has gained. Below are some ways of prevention national conflict; One of the ways to prevent conflict is through mass education. The people in the country have to be educated about the negative effect of conflict on their family and the nation as whole. For instance to borrow from a poem by Nigerian poet Philip Obioma Chinedu Umeh “Ambassadors of poverty” who through her poem criticized three groups of people in the society; political leaders, Able-bodied men on the street and peoples whose actions and inactions disappoint the people. These able-bodied men during elections are influence by stealing ballot boxes and deprived people their right of voting. Under normal circumstance this action leads to conflict because the other parties will react negatively. These able-bodied men need to intensive education. Conflict can be seen to rise as a result of a break down in communication. Conflict mostly arises from people having different perspectives on a situation at stake. This difference in their perspectives can therefore lead to communication break down. There is therefore the need to ensuring that communication takes place as effectively as possible through tolerance. Religious sects should be tolerant to one another. That each must stick to its church doctrines as far as they are legal. Political parties must also tolerate the...


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