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Increasing Crime Rate Among Youngsters

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Is Our Education System Lacking Something?   What is eating the human part of the humanity especially amongst youngsters? It's a pertinent question that arises every now and then when we come across the news paper every morning giving details of heart piercing crimes committed by youngsters with the most brutal intent. Be it the rape cases or the murders overall the criminal mentality and the crime rate among the young generation of India has seen a swelling increase in past decade. It's a matter of dismay that the civilization that acted as a beacon of enlightenment for several centuries is now considered as one of the most vulnerable countries of the world. How this degradation happened? The answer to this question cannot be traced back to one single reason. The factors are myriad. Where at one place the government is not attentive enough to hear the call of the time at the other places lack of proper infrastructure to deal with the issue is the reason.   Out of many factors, one that troubles me and most of us is the lack of the proper education system that is both defective and deficient according to the need of the time. Today's young folks are open to all sorts of mass media and communication. Nothing is beyond reach; you just need a computer and an internet connection. Everything is available, what you have to do is to type the right words on Google and you will soon find yourself gliding across the same content sealed in different cans. Even kids to whom these modern gods are inaccessible, television are the source that is loaded with all sorts of contents which the young mind watches, follows and imitates. Where these technologies are boon for us having enlarged the area of our knowledge they even have given blow to some of the most heinous form of crimes, in direct or indirect manner. We cannot think of a world without these technologies; however we can teach our youngsters to use them properly, to be affected by them positively. Now the question arises...


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