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Island Man

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The poem that I will be analysing is, Island man. I ‘m going to find out how the poet (Grace Nichols) conveys the experience of living between two different cultures. This will show how the Island man feels about his original home and his new home. But also it will show how greatly the Island man loves the Caribbean and then talks about the dull, unwelcoming London.
In the beginning the ‘Island Man’ still wakes up every morning to the sounds of his happy memories of his life in the Caribbean. However, his dreams of the Caribbean are different with the reality of his life in the dullness of London. In the third sentence of the first stanza, we can visualise and hear the sea because first it talks about the ‘sound of blue surf’ and specifically what the colour of the sea is. The last line is a very effective line because the word ‘Steady’ suggests how people’s life on the Island goes and how cheerful they are, when they wake up every morning because they know   and he knows, that ever day it’s different. It’s sort of like every day for him it’s an adventure. Also it shows there are no barriers to stop them from doing whatever they want. This conveys the experience in the Caribbean and then contrasting it with the life in London and how boring and hard life is. These two words ‘Breaking and wombing’. This holds some different meaning, firstly womb. Womb carries a baby and protects and nurtures it from all dangers and the baby gets all the love and food it needs. But then it’s says ‘Breaking’, this shows that he was taken away from that protection, like a mother separated from a baby (Island separated away from the man). And this must have been painful and sad for him because he was taken away from somewhere he knew and loved and then put into a world full of machines and skyscrapers.
Now the second stanza goes more into detail about the Island and the culture itself and how radiant, loving place it is to be. The third sentence says ‘the sun surfacing defiantly’. The...


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