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Adolf Hitler

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When most hear of pure evil, some often think Adolf Hitler.   Known to the world as the “Chancellor of Germany” and “Dictator of the Nazi Germany,” Hitler’s legacy more surrounded the genocide against Jews. Born in April 1889, the fourth of six children to Alois Hitler and Klara Pölzl. (“Adolf Hitler’s Childhood”) During his early years, he attended the Fischlham School and was fixated on warfare after finding his fathers’ book about the Franco-Prussian War. During his high school years he was ignored by his wishes to attend a classic high school and become an artist and instead sent him to Realschule, a school in Linz, Germany. So when being denied acceptance to the Vienna Art School it probably did not help his confidence. He had decided that doing poorly would change his fathers’ mind in sending him there.   It was during these years that he became obsessed with German nationalism. Shortly after his fathers’ sudden death in 1903, his mother allowed him to enroll into his dream school, Realschule, however, dropping out just 1 year later with no plans for his future.
Surviving on orphan’s benefits and support from his mother, he did casual laborer then onto selling watercolors.   After two rejections from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the passing of his mother in 1907, he ran out of money and lived in a homeless shelter. While in the homeless shelter, he picked up on the fears of it being overrun by immigrants from the East and learned more about religious prejudice and racism.   Once receiving the remainder of his fathers’ estate in May 1913, he moved to Munich, many believed this was to evade conscription into the Austrian army. (Wikipedia)   During the outbreak of World War I, Hitler volunteered to serve in the Bavarian Army as an Austrian citizen.   While hospitalized by a mustard gas attack, he learned of Germany’s defeat.   It was during this time that his ideological development began and he remained in the army after the war and long enough to being...


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