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"Dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off" - Rabaxter

A Fire in the Local Market

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last Friday as usual i accompanied my mother to the busy markets of sakthan . my mother was picking at the vegetables and i was standing in the corner listening to her bargain. it carried on for quite some time since the shop keeper , pretty fond of bargaining would not let the price be .nor did my mother. having no interest in their conversation , i looked around at the people who had come for their groceries .the sakthan market was bustling with people of all sorts ... short people, tall people , thin people and so on !

                                        it was then when i realized the presence of smoke in the air . being a carefree gal i took no interest in it since i thought that market places always had some kind of weird smell lingering in the air , let it be rotten tomatoes or smelly pumpkins ... you name it and it would be there. but the smokiness persisted , growing stronger by the minute and it was at that point of time that i   noticed a few kids running from a market stall.wondering for what it might be ..i craned my neck to have a better look . and it was then that i saw a market stall at the further end of the road on fire.i froze to the ground n did not do anything for a few seconds and that it when i knew that i had to   do something .i quickly told my mother n all the other   people there to go quickly as there was a fire on a stall next to ours. the shopkeeper shouted out instructions to everyone gathered there . everyone including the shopkeepers ran for their lives as the fire was nearing . no one then seemed to care for all the groceries that they bargained so much for . it was a bit like a stampede as if you fell down , people would not care to give you a helping hand , yet they would run on you to save their own necks . it was known that some stupid fool had dropped his cigar on the dry leaves which instantly caught on fire ... but the fire was ceased 15 minutes later by the fire force as someone had rung them up !...


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