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Leonardo's early works ad masterpieces

Leonardo Da Vinci's contributions to art show not only in his early works and masterpieces, but its also in many of his writings. Da Vinci's early works show that he had great potentials to be a great artist. His first major work was 'Baptism of Christ', which he worked with his mentor Andrea del Verrocchio. One other famous early work is his ' portrait of Ginevra di Benci' famous for her close vegetation behind her. Da Vinci created many works of art that are considered masterpieces. The most famous of these are his 'Mona lisa' and the 'Last Supper'. The last supper was painted from 1495-1497 while the Mona Lisa was made from 1503-1506.

Leonardo and Anatomy

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest anatomists of his time and was barely recognized for it in his life time. He performed many dissections and faced many challenges. At that time bodies could not be preserved in the cold because there wasn't such a thing. The public never approved Da Vinci's anatomical dissections. Since the renaissance was based around the church and the ideas of the church people were disgusted that Da Vinci could take apart a human body and not care for it. When Da Vinci went to the court in 1513 he was working very hard on his anatomical studies. When the pope found out about the dissection Da Vinci was thrown out, these things contributed to Da Vinci's depression when he was in Rome.


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