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Book ReportBook Report : The Phantom of the Opera

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Book Report : The Phantom of Opera  
This term I have read the novel, named The phantom of Opera. Our listening teacher shared the movie with us in class, so I think we all are familiar with this story which happened in the French Opera House. And this semester I borrowed this book from Joy and we had a small talk about it.
First, I’ll have a brief introduction about the author to you.
Story begins: In the theatre lives a mysterious person, who is called the phantom. He is a musical genius and can control the operation of the theatre. There is a dancing girl named Christine that he has loved for a long time. However, nobody has seem the phantom, even Christine. With the help of the Angel of Music in Christine’s mind, she can sing well. One day, there comes a new investor and a new owner of the theatre. Surprisingly, Christine finds that the new investor was her childhood-sweetheart, Roaul. Then the story begins.
Feeling: When we are in love, the most important thing we should consider is whether we can give our love happiness. If we can’t, please let our love go because the insistent is not the answer. But If we can give it, please stay with each other whatever difficulties we meet on the way to love. I think love is easy and difficult quiz. No one knows the true answer, also not does it have only one answer.  
In this story, Christine loves the phantom’s voice and music mentally. But she was afraid of his appearance and crazy love. Let’s just do this kinds of assumption: if the phantom is handsome guy, at least he has normal face, could she still abandon the poor guy, the phantom? In my opinion and if I were her, the chosen guy is the phantom. She was really attracted by his voice, his mental, and his music.
Next we do this assumption: His all possession- his voice and his all attractiveness is equal to the money an ugly or old man has in today’s life, girls are also extremely eager to escape from the man? It’s impossible even though the girls don’t love...


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