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What is the The Kite Runner about?

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What is the The Kite Runner about?
The kite runner is very compelling. It is Khaled Hosseini's first novel, and is set in Afghanistan. The book is educational in the way that Hosseini highlights Afghan culture and ways of life, but in addition to this it captures the struggle of two friend's - Amir and Hassan while the ongoing troubles are happening around them in Kabul. The protagonist and the narrator of the novel is Amir, the son of a highly respected man in Kabul, Baba. Hassan is Amir's hazara (servant) however, they hang around like Friends or brothers which we find in the book is very abnormal in Afghanistan for a boy and their Hazara to play together like Friends would, although it is immediately clear to the reader that they are close, it is not until later in the book that you find out about Hassans identity and the connection that he has with Amir and his father.

Once you get into the book you find that the boys cannot be separated from one another , after the kite running there is a tragic event that changes the boys friendship forever. After this event Amir is constantly reminded of what he witnessed but didn't help or try to prevent. Amir stays in the dark alone with his secret and gets on with life when he moves to America with Baba, until the one phone call of Rahim Khan that will change everything for Amir once again.

i highly recommend that you read this book, its intriguing and touching . it's much better on the second read as there is so much going on . Sorry for the bad info on the book , it was a rushed review =] but i hope it helps !!


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