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Social Interaction

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1)      Give an example for each cell within the place-time model of social interaction.  Why is face-to-face communication still the dominant preference of most managers and executives?

Of the place-time models discussed by Dr. Wheelan in our text, the most effective one is Face-to-Face Communication. This is when team members meet in the same physical at the same time, an example of which would be a group of college students instructed to produce independent research on a topic in the form of a group paper. The students could decide a meeting time every two days in the library study rooms where they could present their findings to each other, discuss what is most relevant, and map out the format of their paper. This type of communication is most preferred because it has highest ability to get things done efficiently. When meeting face to face, group members are able to more easily talk openly and give their opinions because they can see and sense the reactions of the other members. Any disagreements or concerns can be hashed out on the spot and the group can move from one idea to the other more smoothly. Brainstorming is much easier in this setting and creative, spur of the moment ideas come more readily when their is a comfort level between group members. 
The next model in our text is Same Time, Different Place. In this model, group members meet at the same time, but are in completely different places. An example of this is when the same group of college students are not able to meet in the library due to transportation factors and may choose to designate a meeting time on Google+ hangout. Though this type of communication is still effective, the lack of physical closeness is still a barrier; for one thing, the members may tire of looking at a screen after some time and the meeting may dwindle or be cut short. Also, a time lag between the screens and voice may cause frustration and distract from what the group is trying to get done.
Different Time, Same...


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