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The Structural Features and Working Principle of Mixer

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Booms, is bound to decline. Because mine resource is less and less, cement, sand and gravel, concrete will appear "without rice hack" situation, and especially with the development of science and technology, new process and technology will continue to be applied to building materials.At present the reinforced concrete construction model in some areas has been replaced by steel reinforced pattern emerging, and this model not only doesn’t need cement sand gravel aggregate and other traditional building materials, and easy to disassemble and recycle, but also fit the concept of sustainable development of energy saving and environmental protection.In order to ensure the crushing equipment be in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve good rates, utilization of crusher, reduce crusher wear and extend the srevice life of crusher, Aggregate mixer is used for stirring ore pulp before the flotation operation, which can make the ore pulp fully mix with the medicament, and create the conditions for mineral processing operations. The agitation vat also can be used to stir other non-metallic minerals. aggregate mixer is commomly used in concentration with consistence not greater than 30% (by weight) and particle size less than 1mm.The structural features and performance of aggregate mixer:Mixers have two mixing shaft axis, the axis has certain helix angle and pitch distribution with fan-shaped mixing blades, and two-axis blades staggered distribution; the housing sidewall is equipped with a water inlet pipe, nozzle is horizontal arrangement, the water uniformly ejected from the inlet pipe, and the two rigid stirring shaft make reverse rotation, so that the fly ash is uniformly mixed and conveyed.Stirrer with a blade rotating rotates in a cylindrical or slot, the blender will be carried out in a variety of raw materials mixed with stirring, and become a mixture or a suitable consistency of the machine. The mixer is divided into a...


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