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Pocket Money

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Some people think that young people become more serious and sensible getting the pocket money. Others claim that teenagers can not deal with money and spend it unwisely and believe that they always buy useless things. Now I would like to express my point of view on the problem of pocket money.
Pocket money, in my opinion is very useful for teenagers. I think that pocket money helps children to learn how to plan their budget. Teenagers always want to spend their money on many things, but the amount of money is limited. Furthermore, young people begin to understand the value of money. It helps them to realize what kind of job to choose in future to earn enough money for everything they want to get.
On the other hand, many people think that teenagers waste money. I can not agree with this argument because most of us spend our money on very useful things. We buy food because we spend a lot of time at school. Teenagers buy clothes because look smart is very important today. We pay for the mobile phones and internet because without it we can not study. Moreover many people are in favour of idea how difficult to earn money in our days. I disagree because adults forget that most of us have part time job and of course we realize that to make good money we have to be hardworking ,responsible and diligent.
Taking everything into consideration, there are two different points of view on this problem. To my mind parents should give their children pocket money and do not care how do they spend it (of course it is not about drugs and alcohol). I am sure that sensible spending of it teaches them a lot.
It is very often told by people that whatever wealth one may have, it will be easily exhausted within a short time if one does not add something to it. Since extravagance brings even a millionaire into want it is necessary on the part of every student to practice the habit of thrift from his very childhood.
The essence of thrift should not be underestimated at any cost. The habit of...


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