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A Risk That Paid Off - Summary

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Assignment 3_03
May 14, 2013

A risk that paid off…
Taking a risk can be measured depending on the situation that arises in the individual life.   As an individual you must make choices at some point during your life that is believed to be “risky”. Although, most may instantly think of   the word “risk” in terms of business ventures or deals, most risks are taken in everyday personal lives unrelated to business. This is where the odds are most against you and the decisions you make can have a major impact on your life or someone else life, whether good or bad. Such was the situation I faced back in 2007.
I attended the Schneider Regional School of Practical Nursing on September 17, 2007. My goal was to receive my certificate as Graduate Student Nurse, to sit for NCLEX-PN and become a Licensed Practical Nurse. During my first semester of school it was very difficult to juggle school and work, as I was now employed at the hospital working as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Labor & Delivery Unit full- time. Adjusting to this way of life from school to work every day was grueling and exhausting.   I would sleep in class and miss important notes for assignments, at work I would do my homework and assignments for the next school day and play catch up. I would reach home about 12:30 am to wake my kids out of bed, check homework and make sure their clothes was set for school the next day. I would go to sleep at 2am to wake up for 5am and start my day all over again which started from 7am- 3pm for school, straight to work from 3pm-11:30pm.
During the end of my first semester I was called into a meeting with the administrator, teachers, and guidance counselor of the institution. I was told, I was failing in my classes and I needed to decide if I wanted to continue with school or work. Unfortunately I was told I could not go to school and work at the same time. There was a 90 day probation rule for school and it wasn’t looking to good for me, for I was on...


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