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Driving Age Restrictions

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Driving Age Restrictions in the US
Cecelia Sanders

With all the new technology that is becoming available it is no wonder why citizens are pushing lawmakers for more Driving restrictions to be implicated; for example no texting and no license before the age of 16. So where do age restrictions come into play? And does this mean that there should be more laws created specifically for a certain age group. After researching both sides to this question I   concluded that the answer may lie somewhere in the middle, instead of placing firmer rules on a driver's age but more focus should be placed on the drivers individual driving abilities.

Driving Age Limits
According to the website Car-Accidents.com, A majority of car accidents sent to them seem to be caused by bad driving, driver inattention, failure to merge or yield, speeding, racing, aggressive driving and failure to exercise care in passing. So can age play a huge role in automobile accidents, maybe? Some might argue that old people cannot see well or are not able to react swiftly enough to prevent an accident. Other people feel that a teenager are too immature or inexperienced to follow traffic laws and therefore may cause a deadly accident. But what about the middle aged father who has mobility issues and who has caused a fatal accident because he was unable to stop the car in time? And what about the 25 year old women who is having problems seeing the road, in both of these situations they belong to the age range that does not typically apply any age restrictions but they both are clearly operating an automobile in very dangerous conditions. Individuals that believe that age restrictions will help to lower the amount vehicle deaths are using a fallacy named Hasty generalization. Hasty generalization or Fallacy of Insufficient Statistics is an informal fallacy of faulty generalization by reaching an inductive generalization based on insufficient evidence. Everyone will agree that we...


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