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Writing Experience
Writing comes easy for some people and others not as easily. Some people can look at a computer screen or a piece of paper and just start writing away. There are others that can stare at the computer or paper and do a lot of preparing before writing a paper. However a person writes, it’s important to have a good foundation. I have not always enjoyed writing, there are times that it can be easy and other times not as much, but having good writing foundation taught to me has helped significantly.
As I was growing up, I never enjoyed writing. I thought I was never good at writing, so I would just do what I had to. If I had to write a topic about a past current even, I would find what little information I scrambled for, and write an essay about it. I remember for a history class I had to write about something that happened about WW2. I don’t remember the exact details, but I remember finding, what I thought at the time, key points and wrote briefly about the topic. There were many times that I would wait til the last minute to write a paper, and didn’t do as well as I could of. I never had good direction, so I would start writing. I also didn’t understand many of the mechanical things: grammar, proper placement of commas, fragment and run-ons. If I had made an error, I wasn’t always sure
Depending on the topic that I write about, sometimes it can come easy, and at other times it’s hard for me to write about. When I get to choose the topic that I write about, it usually comes fairly easy to me. For instance, when I was in Basic Writing, the class had to write a paragraph on a vivid memory. The paragraph was about my middle son, and how special his first steps were. Then there are topics that I don’t like or care about, those ones are the hardest for me. I remember in high school there were many of those, and those are the ones that I would wait til the last minute to do. When I would wait until the last minute it was also hard for me to think...


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