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A Great Painting Enriches Our Experience of Life, Just as a Great Poem Does or a Great Musical Composition

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People can associate with each other talking on their own language. But it is too hard to understand people all over the world because they are speaking different languages. But there is one way that always gives possibility to understand each other. It is art. Moreover it can tell more in every genre of it than if you say in words. The art have born with human. And it is known from the ancient times when everybody was dressed and was living in caves. And with the development of human creative qualities appeared more genres of art: a portrait, a landscape, a seascape, a historical painting, a still life, a battle piece, a flower piece. I think painting connects us with past centuries. Artists show the things they see and how do they see it and then represent it on their pictures. Frequently their pictures are connected with the time they live, they depict scenes of common life or expose dark sides of life and they conform to the taste of the period. In every part of time people have different minds and it develops. The art does not stay on one point. In every part of time art has its own name and has differences among others. Some of the genres become popular some not. Looking at the picture it is not difficult to understand what century it was executed. Art plays important part in expression of human mood and thoughts. An artist is a creator. He can paint from nature, memory or imagination. In some way he is like a god. He represents his own inner world on the canvas with the help of oil tubes, water-colour or maybe pastel. An artist can break with the tradition and develop his own style of painting. Some of the “creators” are lucky and become famous overnight, but some die forgotten and penniless and they become admired only after death. Painting is a full right branch of art. It stands in one row with poetry, sculpture and music. It is a kind of mental pabulum. A man cannot live without it. It enriches your inner world. Everybody has to try to feel the art. I do...


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