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My Crush

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Narrative Essay: My Crush

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a letter for Gary. He was really a special crush. My crush when I first set foot in seventh-grade, from middle school through high school. For treasuring him that long, it was inevitable for a special place in my heart to be created for him. I remembered putting initials of letter “G” to some of my things just to show how much I claim him to be part of my life already. I remember how ecstatic I am every time I see him come around me. He was the most handsome boy in my world and my wish had finally come true when we had our first conversation.
Everything else seized to exist and everyone faded in the background as if it was just the two of us. I felt a sudden urge to be by his side the intensity of which surprised me. I had seen him dozens of times, stood by him laughed with him but never once felt like this. This giddy feeling that made me want to jump out of my skin, rush across the room to be with him. It was madness. Yet I was helplessly drawn to him.
I couldn’t help but think about the way he looked, the way he talked, the way he walk, just everything about him and the more I thought about him was the more I had the urge to tell him how I felt. I had finally convinced myself to tell him that he was my crush. It was a rainy day and we were just leaving 3rd period, I saw him walking down the breezeway and I waved my hand trying to get his attention. He finally noticed and said “Hey Shondricka, how are you today?”
“Hi Gary, I’m doing well and you?” I asked.
“I’m doing great. So, what’s going on? He responded.
My head started pounding and my heart dropped. It was finally time for me to tell him what was on my mind. As I tried to open my mouth, it felt as if my lips were stapled together. “Gary, there’s something I have to tell you” I stated. As I started to tell him how I felt I noticed how he smiled and how his eyes had gotten bigger. Once I finished talking there was a moment of silence....


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